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The Journey of CritiCare Research Center Pvt Ltd.

The Journey of CritiCare Research Center Pvt Ltd.

Our company had started journey catering service to critically ill & emergency patients to ensure en-route safe transfer back in 2002. Our Founder & Managing Director is Dr. Raghib Manzoor, an eminent personality who has developed effortlessly Emergency Medicine in Bangladesh.

He found back in 2002 that our pre-hospital care was totally un-supported on the streets for which by the name of Ambulances only some medical vehicles are carrying very sick patients without any skill & authorization. So he developed CritiCare.Com which was our first company to cater EMS (Emergency Medical Service) as pre-hospital care in Bangladesh. Until now few thousands patients received this highly qualified & skilled service to-date many of whom survived in different ICUs. Our environment is near-equal to ICU of the hospitals during transportation. We have no casualty during any transfer as we strictly follow our high-standard guidelines of EMS.

We have maximum required medical instruments & resuscitation drugs available along with highly skilled critical care doctors nurses and paramedics as per requirement. We have transferred so far to UK, Canada, Singapore, Bangkok & India many patients on Commercial Stretcher.
We have recently started catering service to patients who may require treatments t& travelling abroad like India & other neighbouring countries.

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